bienal conferance

Biennial Conference on Conservation and Restoration of Historical-Cultural Works and Architectural Decorations


-        Date of Conference: 4-6 December 2016

-        Objective: Seeking to provide an opportunity for presenting the experiences and achievements; exchanging opinions and posing questions in the field of conservation and restoration

-        Papers: Papers at the conference will be presented in the two ‘lecture’ and ‘poster’ sections on the basis of the view of the jury and members of the Scientific Committee.


Sideline Exhibition

The sideline exhibition of the 12th conference will present experiences and introduces activities of institutions, research and executive centers as well as activities of the private sector in implementation of conservation and restoration projects.


Conference Theme

·       Reconstruction and its limit

·       Promotion and optimization of preservation and repair methods

·       Studies on the erosion of works

·       Technological studies of the works

·       Preventive preservation

·       Basic and legal studies of preservation and repair

·       Management in preservation and repair



Workshops as another section of the conference are seeking to transfer knowledge and increase the awareness in specialized areas. Holding two workshops have been planned in the 12th conference which shall be held after the conference on the condition that the required quorum is obtained.

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