1st national

1st National Conference on Application of Statistical Methods in Archeological Studies


-        Date of Conference : 14-15 April 2017

-        Objective: Applied development of statistical methods in archeological studies

-         Audiences: Archeologists, statistical experts, universities and research centers and institutions

Specialized Theme

1- Application of statistical thoughts in solving archeological problems

2- Using statistical methods in archeological data abalysis

·       Habitat and architecture

·       Earthenware

·       Plant remains

·       Stone remains

·       Coins and seals

·       Stone and metal tools

·       Other findings and cultural items

3- Methods for statistical sampling in archeological field activities

4- Case studies in analysis of findings through statistical methods application

5- Elucidation of the process of using statistical methods in stages of archeological studies


Guidelines on Papers

·       The paper should not have been published previously in any publication or simultaneously forwarded to any other journal

·       The paper should be the outcome of research findings of its writer (s). Articles extracted from dissertation which bear confirmation of the supervisor shall be accepted

·       The paper should be in Persian language

·       The papers shall remain in the secretariat of the conference and shall not be returned

·       Final decision to publish the paper shall depend on the views of the juries



-        Data analysis in archeology

-        Using SPSS statistical software in archeological studies

-        Sampling methods in archeology

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